Friday, December 26, 2008

Solitary Moments

Winter brings the occasional opportunity to surf in an isolated, quiet space which often creates a more connected/dynamic experience. These solitary circumstances also allow for the opportunity to process both the mental and emotional material present in one's consciousness thereby allowing for a refreshed look at the world around us.

I grabbed this shot one afternoon when it was sleeting with hard off-shore winds. The negative was not exposed properly due to the limitations of the camera, but I liked the overall effect. I was especially intrigued by the halo effect around the guy who was heading out to the surf. It was almost as if the camera was detecting a heat source in a vast, cold landscape.

The surf happened to be rather good this afternoon, but an intense drift left moments of aloneness in the line-up.


-JY- said...

really liking your shots! i've taken a recent interest in the medium-format options - your site is inspiring!

glider said...

thanks for the compliment!!! I just got back into photography after a long absence- its been cool trying to articulate my thoughts and perceptions through visual representations