Sunday, December 28, 2008

s-decks on ice

I took this shot after a really fun but chilly hull session. It was shot using an old Kodak brownie hawkeye camera. The lens quality is unique in that the resulting images have a somewhat subtle tonal range.

While displacement hull surfboards on the Northeast coast seem to get a bad rap; I never seem to leave the beach after a hull-session without a smile on my face. This can also be said for a few of my surfing friends who are obsessed with the design. I am continually amazed at how fast these boards are and how in-sync the boards are with the wave. This combination of speed and synchronicity make for a highly engaged surfing experience. People who get the hull vibe, get addicted quick!

Ever since I have gotten into the design, I have been somewhat obsessed with learning more about the evolution of the design and people's overall impressions of the design. I want to thank Brian Hilbers and Greg Liddle for being so patient in answering my emails containing questions regarding all things hull. I also appreciate all the info KP and the sways "post hull pics" thread has provided me. There stoke is seriously contagious.


warm jet said...

great pic and bitchen blog.
big fan of the hulling myself.
i don't think i'd be having nearly as much fun on anything else especially
when things are slow and mushy.
there's not a better board for malibu
in my op.

bob said...

soo sick. love what you're doin

glider said...

thanks for the kind words!!

jd said...

enjoying your blog since i came across the quiver post. good to see the liddle went to someone really enjoying it. that was my original custom a while back. nice to see it again in a different "light" - great shots!