Sunday, December 14, 2008

lo-fi photography: What & Why

What: Lo-fi photography is a style of photography generally using poor equipment, such as toy cameras or pinhole cameras, for stylistic effect. It is often considered a reaction to the perceived ease of creating technically perfect photos in the digital age. Generally the emphasis is on using film, rather than digital technology.

Why: For me using lo-fi photo equipment is an incredibly freeing experience photographically. It allows for spontaneity, impulsivity, and happy accidents. The images produced can look ragged while maintaining a simplistic beauty. Moreover, the images often retain a post-modern and pictorialist quality. Images from these lo-fi cameras attempt to resolve the rather large discrepancy that exists between the two artistic aesthetics

The above is my current "quiver" Diana+with pinhole option, Rollieflex TLR 2.8 Planar lens (not lo-fi, but definitely lo-tech), Brownie Hawkeye, and Holga 120s with flash option (right to left)


kaser_one said...

diggin the lo-fi shots. i've linked you up to my blog. with daily posts like you do, you should stay at the top of my blogroll pretty good.

keep up the good work..


warm jet said...

Yup! Been a lo-fi fan for years. Being an older crusty man of 46 i did have early experience with the originals but not a lot.
Then, 10 years ago i messes with a hello kitty for a while and polaroids.
I'm by no means a photog but i'm thinking of getting another. Diana or Holga?
Yer ideas?
Great Quiver.

glider said...

thanks for the comments. With regards to the holga and the diana- personal preference obviously, I think I like hte quality of the diana negs better- better tonal range and less leaks, however i do like the ragged edges of the holga.

glider said...

hey guys thanks for linking me up on your blogs- i appreciate it!