Wednesday, December 31, 2008

DAD, Do we have to check the surf again?!?!?!

My obsession with surfing in our fickle NY conditions can at times put undue strain on the family. I snapped this pic of my daughter, Avery, shortly after I informed her that we were taking yet another trip to the beach to check the waves. She looks a bit perturbed as I am sure she is fully aware that it will be flat or blown out yet again! I believe her comment at the time this shot was taken was, "Can't you just check the cams' on the computer?".

In all honesty we do manage to get a good bit of quality time in on our frequent jaunts to the beach, or one of the many surfshops we frequent. It's amazing how offers/bribes for special cookies or Italian ices, increase her willingness to accompany her old man!!


Deepism said...

"Can't you just check the cams' on the computer?"

Your daughter is a genius.

Mick said...

This is a great blog. I love your shots, I'd kill for your quiver and and it's a good read. Cheers mate.