Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The One that got away- 9'8 Lance Carson Powerglide

Well, I still have not fully recovered from my "seller's remorse". The above board is a one that I should have never let go. I acquired it in a trade and surfed it some, but at the time it felt like too much board for me. I wish I held on to it for those classic knee high loggin days, but I sold it to acquire a more all around functional Cooperfish Malibu Foil II. The board went to a guy out our way who true rides heavy old school logs the way they are supposed to be ridden. He had a "cat who ate the mouse" grin on when he picked it up, and he also facilitated the my cooperfish order. He eventually sold it to someone who cracked the fin of in the shorey- what a shame! I must say that the coop I acquired as a result of the deal is my favorite board and will never leave the quiver, but I should funded the purchase in another way.
The Carson Powerglide was shaped by Lance himself and it was a beast with the widest and fatest tail I have ever seen on a longboard. 9'8 in length and just shy of 24 inches wide, a true trim freight train with plenty of stability for tip time. triple 8 oz volan top and serious stringer work. Big ballbearing 50/50 rails. Below is an email I received from Lance. I really appreciated where he is coming from when he speaks of modern board production as opposed to the shape one board a day mentality. Lance is keeping it real for sure, hopefully he's back in production soon.
"Hello Jack...
Thanks for your e-mail. As you can see on the attached original order form, the surfboard that you asked about was originally made about a year ago for Heritage Surf Shop in New Jersey. At that time, my boards were being glassed at Aqua Tech Glassing in Marina Del Rey. Even though I've been shaping at Tyler's factory for the last year and a half, he wasn't equipped to glass my boards. But as of this autumn, Tyler has expanded his facility. And now my boards are being glassed by Tyler. I'm doing ALL my own hand shaping...no computer blanks. Most older labels such as Jacobs and Bing that you see in the shops today are all computer shaped blanks that are finished up by a younger generation of business people. They look nice but they're not the real deal! Most of the 60's surfboard makers have either passed away or retired. And the new guys are simply in it for the money. That's why I only shape one board a day, just as we did in the old days. I'm not that stoked on the modern day approach to surfboard making. So rather that try to compete, I simply went back to my roots. And Tyler is one of the few newer guys that appreciate and respect the history. That's why I'm working at his place.
Again... thanks for your e-mail. And I hope that the 9' 8" Power Glide works well for you. Keep Surfing...LANCE CARSON"
Oh by the way, Grannis's shots of Lance at the bu' are about a cool as they get.

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