Friday, December 19, 2008

Cape St. Francis: Revisited

From time to time, I'd like to comment on surf film clips that have impacted/inspired me. Obviously, Endless Summer is a classic, and in my opinion the film's climax was the segment on Cape Saint Francis. This might be my favorite all time surf scene. I re-discovered the movie after I got back into surfing (after way too long of an absence). The film in general and this scene in particular, totally got me obsessed with the traditional longboarding aesthetic.

This is my take on the opening shots of the segment. While not shot with lo-fi equipment(holga etc), the technique was extremely lo-fi. This is a film still that I took while watching the movie with a cheapo digital cam. The shot was then bastardized by my hack photoshop skills- I kind of like it in a cheesy, "watercolor" kind of way. I hope Browne, Hynson and August won't mind my interpretation.

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