Monday, December 22, 2008

The Evolution of a Quiver: A Diary of a Mad Man!!

The evolution of my current quiver has been a long and admittedly insane process. Over the last several years, I have been in an almost constant buy, sell, trade mentality (much to my wife's displeasure, I might add). I guess to some degree, I got caught up with different hypes, but I believe as my surfing has slowly evolved or crept forward, my tastes and sensibilities have also changed. My current quiver is as follows:
1) 10'1 Cooperfish Nosedevil

2) 9'8 Cooperdesign Malibu Foil II

3) 7'6 Fineline Microant II (displacement hull)

4) 6'6 Liddle Smoothie M3P (displacement hull)

5) 6'6 Rainbow Pavel Speed Dialer (quad fish)

6) 6'2 Swift Movement Mabile Twin Keel Fish

I am quite pleased to say that at this point, I have no strong desires to get rid of any of my current boards and I do not really need any additions (except maybe a vintage log rider and an andrieni hull, and a.....). I will list, with a degree of embarassment, the insanity of my quest that eventually got me to this current line-up. Most boards were either sold to purchase new additions or trades occurred. The overwhelming majority of boards purchased were used. These boards were exchanged over a 5 year period.

I believe I am "all set" at this point, completely "done, for now" Oddly enough I know I am not alone in this endeavor as I have seen many surfing friends go through similar benders. Here is the progression of my "disease":

6'4 channel Island Thruster>9'4 Natural Art Log> 6'10 Takayama Flo Egg> Ricky Carrol 2+1 Egg> 9'6 Takayama NR2>9'4 Vintage Hannon Log> 6'4 Rainbow Pavel Twin Keel>6'7 Kane Garden Twin Keel> Greg Noll 9'6> 10' Joel Tudor Nuuhiwa Noserider>9'8 Lance Carson Powerglide>9'8 Cooperdesign Malibu Foil> 9'2 Vintage Hansen>9'8 Bing Silverspoon>10'1 Cooperfish Nosedevil>6' Mandala triple bump quad> 6'2 Walker Twin Keel> 6'4 Rainbow Pavel Speed Dialer> 5'10 Kane Garden Twin Keel> 6'2 Swift Movement Twin Keel>7'6 Vintage Hull>7'6 Fineline Microant II> 6'6 Liddle M3P Smoothie> 6'6 Rainbow Speeddialer.

I feel better now that i have gotten that off my chest!!

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