Saturday, December 20, 2008

Daybreak-Winter Sunrise

This photograph was taken just shortly after sunrise last week using a diana+ with tmax 400 film. These lo-fi cameras are really sensitive to differing lighting conditions. I have found that this camera performs best when used in warm & soft light conditions. I really dig the frothy waterline and the reflections coming of the wet sand.


Mr Plowhand said...

How ironic this shot is to me. Once knowing the feeling of a cold winter morning in California. The way your feet turn to ice blocks from the cold sand and the cool air on your few exposed pieces of flesh. It really does clean the line up with people who are more dedicated to the surfing lifestyle and keeps all the fair weathered surfers for the warmer months. Believe it or not I miss this because now living in Australia I am in the dead of summer with warm crystal water and easy paddleouts. Crowds are an understatement but I am learning to deal with it and if patient you will get great waves. Yesterday for instance was head high Super Bank really crowded but received one of the best backhand barrells of my life. I have to say though I would probably prefer an uncrowded non-aggressive average cold day than the latter. Happy Holidays.


glider said...

mp glad to hear you scored, today was chest high and very clean. cold as it gets though- snow covered beach, hard artic off shores but its never as bad as you think it will be. the waves always pay off. merry christmas and enjoy the warm weather!!