Wednesday, January 6, 2010

sea kayak rack

I have been shooting a lot of color film as of late- this is a completely new avenue for me and one that I am hoping to have some success with. Until recently I was somewhat "color phobic"- feeling that in someway the addition of color to the photograph might ultimately serve to distract the viewer from my intended message (both emotional and from a form/composition perspective). While I am still unsure how I feel about the use of color, I am open to continued exploration of this aspect of the photographic medium, despite some recent criticism I have received from the lo-fi community.


Jamie Watson said...

I really love this one. In fact, thinking of your trip to SoCal last summer, I am a fan of you shooting in color.

Brine Time said...
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Brine Time said...

Hey Jack, you gotta follow your heart and your "art eye". My favourite lo fi emulsion at the moment is Kodak VPS 160 in the Holga. 400 ISO just doesn't work in our harsh Aussie light. cheers Neil