Wednesday, January 27, 2010

In Rainbows: A rare occurrence

I grabbed this shot- while waiting for the wind to straighten out the morning sickness last Monday- Very rare to see full on rainbows in our neck of the woods. I was kinda surprised the rainbow survived my crappy little camera and the cross processing. This was my last shot on the roll and I wish I was able to capture the rainbow as it was hitting our surf but this was the only angle that provided enough contrast in the sky to allow the rainbow to be so intense!!

Really feeling pretty frustrated as of late as I haven't been grabbing any shots and we are in another little stretch of windblown surf. I got confronted yesterday by an older gentleman as i was snapping some shots of his canvas covered 1966 Buick- Once he saw my badly battered and duct taped Diana camera he relaxed a bit realizing that I was only harmless oddity!!!

NP: Radiohead- In Rainbows- such a masterpiece!!

1 comment:

turtle said...

nice color saturation and contrast. love the black of the boardwalk and the glance and stride of the man. timely considering Brine's comment in your last post. regardless of what other's say I think the color is working for you.