Monday, January 25, 2010

A Ghost is Born..

I snapped this image on the subway back in December after the Kidman Ether show- I have always loved street photography and used to do it exclusively, but being further from an Urban area makes doing this type of work considerably more difficult. I do miss it..


Toddy said...

That's rad. Truly.

Check this place out:

Brine Time said...

great shot, more more
do people ever give you a hard time about taking their pic? cheers

glider said...

Toddy- thanks for the link- her work reminds me very much of all the time i spent wandering the outskirts of manhattan with my 2.8 planar rolleiflex loaded up- i'll post up some shots

As far as hard time with shooting people- my feeling is do it quick and keep rolling-

magicpolaroid said...

i luv too street photo!! this is great!!