Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finally, A Shift in the Weather Pattern.. WAVES!

After 18 days of sheer flatness- we were finally granted some waves with favorable wind conditions yesterday. Water has definitely dropped a few degrees but its never as bad as you imagine it to be. The morning brought stomach to chest with occasional shoulder/head sets. Strong north winds with lots of spray!! killer rainbow over the ocean to boot. I doubt my lo-fi crappy camera captured the rainbow but i snapped a few anyway.

I surfed at an uncrowded spot with a fellow Josh Hall long fish simmons aficionado- I cannot speak enough about how much I dig my 6'9 long fish simmons- for me its the perfect combo of glide, turnability and smoothness- handles late drops so nicely!!!

I actually got the rare double session in yesterday afternoon- the swell dropped off a bit but the wave was considerably more bowly with the lower tide- still jello glass- i took out my newest addition to the quiver family (John Cherry 7'2 Simms 21)- too new to review but I am intrigued!! Seems to have full-on hull hum speed with very fishy handling- perfect combo in my opinion.