Monday, September 28, 2009

Logdream #1

Here is a shot I grabbed of my friends after a little knee high session. It was captured using my old modified brownie hawkeye. The film was expired ektachrome ASA 100 that I cross-processed. I really like the blurred edges of the Brownie and the color shifts and bumped up constrast that comes from the cross processing. This was my first image exposed using this camera and x-processing. My feeling is that x-processing should be used with caution as the images can border on being a bit gimicky if not careful. People have a pretty strong reaction to x-processing, either digging it or hating it. I'll be using the process more as I feel that the color shifts and increased contrast seems to work with the subject matter.


HULLZ said...

Could you Photoshop out my
kook cord please?
beautiful photo Dr. Brhull!
Still trying to find a hi res beathulls shot for ya.,,

magicpolaroid said...

wowwww! bellissima, bravo!

Maggie said...

The cross processing has always worked for me.

Keep in mind you vary results with film type and speed. AND that the machine your film is scanned on plays the biggest roll. The differences between pro lab scanners like Noritsu and Fuji very just like scanning them at home. 8 out of 10 will give you that thick, turuoise, cyan & green tinge, even when your film cross processed will produce different tones...
experimenting helps.