Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fins by Partch

Fins by Partch, Long fish simmons by Josh Hall. When I think about my surfing, it strikes me as funny how fickle I can be. For the last 4 months its been all about quads fish and twin keels with a little loggin thrown in. Prior to this it was complete Obsessive CompHULLsive displacement riding. I am not sure what to attribute the shifts too, but it does keep it all fresh. I rode the hull on sunday for the first time in awhile and while i had fun, I was also a bit frustrated by its limitation. Perhaps it was the wave and my mood but I felt myself wishing I chose the fish platform for the day. I guess I should just go with my mood and not think about it all so much, so what I neglect the hulls for a while- I am sure it will all come around again.

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