Wednesday, April 21, 2010

things to come

Taking advantage of this current flat spell to get some photo things in order. First I am working to get my very crappy water camera ready for spring. The above image is from my test run with a Healthways Mako Shark prior to altering/fixing.
The camera is from the early 50's and is basically a water proof kodak brownie hawkeye. I needed to replace the outside lens cover due to some crazy scrathes/cracks. I am in the process of swapping shutter mechanisms. I believe the mako has a fixed shutter of 1/50th whereas brownies are 1/60th to 1/100th. Any little increase in shutter speed will help I suppose. Lastly, I gotta flip the lens to give me the edge softness i dig. stay tuned for some shots provided WE EVER GET ANY WAVES!!!

May 1st Unsound Surf Art Auction is taking place. Proceeds to go to the Juvenile Dibetes foundation and the Tommy Brull Foundation.

In June I will be showing a large body of work at Empire State Studios along with Matt Clark. The opening is set for June 5th stay tuned for details on both events


Anonymous said...

Love your blog. I'am looking forward to those in-water photos. cheers, luke

Arjan Grooters said...

Really looking forward to see some results of a Mako with improvements!
Might switch the shutter on mine as well sometime, but I will keep my original lens. As it is its crappy enough for my liking :-)


JT said...

great photo. Cant wait to see more on this blog

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