Monday, June 1, 2009

What a fun little weekend!!

Good times this weekend as I was able to surf for three straight days. While the swell was not all that memorable, I managed to smile each time out. Saturday was the best of the lot, as I got a four hour dawn patrol in. During that time I managed to ride four boards for about an hour a clip. Started the day on the 9'8 cooperdesign malibu foil II (love that board), switched up to my 7'6 fineline micro ant II(always so happy when on this), then to my buddies 8'0 fineline micro ant (very different boards from the MAII btw), and then finally finished up on my 6'9 J. Hall long fish simmons quad. Pretty versatile little wave, which is unusual around here with our tight surf windows.

Sunday, I was on the Hall quad but I really should have brought a log to the beach as the wave was small and weak. Got to hang with Nuno from and The guys so stoke on riding his fish.

This morning I caught a dawn patrol microwave session on my 10'1 cooperfish nosedevil- so fun despite the paultry little lines coming in. Nonetheless a fantastic way to start the week.

I have also been busy editing and printing for an upcoming exhibition of my work--- Details to follow.


rebeccajane said...

Cool. Exhibition photos!

Mr. Lentini said...

looking forward to your show

decembersnowskates said... pic..