Thursday, June 25, 2009

nikonas test roll part three- a search for tonality and contrast

Here are a few more shots from my first roll with the nikonos v. I am still trying to figure out best to frame my water shots and how to present the shots with regards to tonality and contrast. Trying to find the magical combo. I am definitely inspired by early surf photography ala Tom Blake, Doc Ball and Don James, as well as the early pictorial masters (e.i. Strand, Steiglitz, White etc.). I am not interested in creating any more "surf porn" or high action sports style surf photography as I just don't see the world that way. I need to pick up a pair of flippers-any recommendation would be appreciated!!


Hilbatron 3000 said...

There's nothing like film! I get
shivers looking at stuff like this, no matter how prosaic the content.
Continue the search! BJ

Hilbatron 3000 said...

Oh, and as far as fins are concerned, they gotta be either solid green Churchills or solid black Duck Feet! Actually, I'd check out full-sized Viper fins- not the shorter bodyboard size. They are beasts, but trimming the side rails
can make them softer and a lot more steerable- I've had my custom cut body womp/skin dive combo set for around 20 years with no complaints.