Monday, June 22, 2009

newest addition to the analog quiver- Nikonos V

The new addition is looking to get wet!!! Sorry the blogs been a little flat lately. The combination of poor light, and increased people in the water has kinda got me missing cooler water temps a bit. I havent been feeling the stoke for shoreside shots as of late. Summer takes the mystery out the beach a bit. I looking to get in the water for some shots, i see in my mind. Hopefully the learning curve wont be so steep as this is a new venture for me !! I am still riggin the holga for some freezer bag water housing also. stay tuned!! The Dianas must stay dry!!


-JY- said...

nice! looking fwd to seeing those shots!

Toddy said...

They look great. Nice board work from the riders too.

Mr. Lentini said...

mmm I had a nikonos--that is now on the bottom of a lake in wisconsin(long story)--would love to get another--the shots are looking very early doc ball--great stuff--to me th emore washed out the better