Monday, January 3, 2011

smear and smudge campaign

Before i got back into shooting film, I was playing around with captured video stills from some of my favorite surf film scenes. i was then using photoshop to play with the image a bit. this is a manipulated screen grab from the Cape St Francis segment of the Endless Summer. This scene is so important to the history of surfing and the sense of adventure that is brought to surfing. looking back the manipulated image comes across as kind of cliche but I kind of like it nonetheless..


Steve PP said...

Great image! I've just been playing with a few oil paintings of the same subject!

Colony - said...

Impressive. Multi-talented Glider!

BERNICE said...

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Bekky said...

This scene is so significant for the background of surfing as nicely as the perception of adventure that is brought to surfing. searching back again the manipulated picture
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