Monday, January 10, 2011

from the other side of the glass

It's a rare occasion that someone aims their lens at me when i am in the line-up; however i was lucky enough to be digitally captured on Saturday afternoon by Robert Wands.......

Saturday was a complete surprise, great little log session. I kinda wrote the day off but a nagging impulse kept pushing me to "go check it". I stumbled upon a fairly consistent knee/thigh to occasional waist high peelers. Perfect light off shore breezy and a wave that broke from the outside all the way in without sectioning. Oddly a satisfying day. Loving my Tyler 9'9 Point model.

Kinda tough to stay in sync with surfing when the surf conditions dictate that you can only get in the water once every two weeks. This winter has been as dreadful as I can remember as we have been plagued by a lack of consistent surf and a heavy sideshore wind pattern.

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seek/find said...

steppin it up.
nice one