Tuesday, November 30, 2010

looking back..

This recent flat spell has led me to have a shortage of new photographs. My initial intention of this blog was to set a personal challange of posting new images daily..no small task given our inconsistent surf and my fairly hectic schedule. Up until recently i have generally been able to live up to this challange but I as of late new photographic work is coming slowly... This has forced me to look back at the images from the last few years, here is one from last December that i never posted. Hopefully our weather patterns start changing and we get more consistent surf so that i can go on my merry way of surfing nad shooting the activity I feel so connected too..


Brine Time said...

yup - no the feeling Jack
Keep 'em coming - no matter what
we have the coldest spring in history over here and haven't seen sun yet though it is summer
PS got me an 80mm for the Nikonos - yet to get it wet

glider said...

nice didnt know they made 80mm lenses for the nikonos probably cool thing to have