Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Small Mysteries- The Surfer's Path's 80th Issue Surf Photo Special

Small Mysteries- The Wonderous Resurgence of Analogue Surf Photography in the Digital Age- by Andrew Smith for the Surfer's Path-80th issue surf photo special.

Andrew beautifully articulates what I have been unable to when attempting to describe my draw to analog photographic equipment. I am happy to have been asked to contribute work for the article. The photographers I share the pages with are as truly unique as Andrew's words about what we do. I am please to be included with the likes of Ryan Tatar, Cher Pendarvis Erica Doria, Morgan Maassen, Keith Novosel, Simon Perini and Liz Lantz. Check the issue out if you like an alternative view of surf photography.


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I don't suppose you still have this magazine?