Monday, September 20, 2010

I remember..

I have spend a lot of time on the boardwalk at Long Beach, NY- i remember long walks on it with my grandmother when i was just a small child. I remember the old amusement park, the frozen custard, and skeetball. I remember renting bike as a school boy and feeling free as long as i stayed in the bike lane. I remember splinters and italian ices. I remember hanging out under the boardwalk watching the moon, hoping, hoping....the moment would be right; I remember many a surf check conversations, rain, snow, sunrise, sunset. i remember hurrying down to the boardwalk after my brother tragically passed on, hoping to feel close to him, i remember seeing my very pregnant wife walking up the ramp to meet me after a surf. i remember.... it all.


Billy Miltenberg said...

Great post...I think my dad would voice a very similar connection with Rockaway.

Brine Time said...

wonderfully evocative
your connection to that place reminds me of my connection to Noosa and the non-linear nature of time that memories create
thanks again