Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Salt Stained Eyes at Drift...

This photograph was exposed durng a little lull in the action as Earl was peaking last friday. I like the sense of stillness this shot evokes. Each surfer seems to be kind of in their own head space.

On another note, Drift is currently carrying a limited edition of eight of my photographs in their on-line store. For those who are unaware, Drift is an essential online surf magazine of sorts. Drift seems to have its finger on the pulse of many aspects of the "alternative surf" scene and independent surf journalism. The products carried in the store attempt to support their efforts as well provide an avenue for emerging artists in the surf culture to expose and sell work. Stop by the link below and check out which prints they are carrying.


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HD said...

Amazing photo - very peaceful

Ann said...

That is so awesome! Is glider your first name? do you have an email addy? i'd like to send you my surfboard pics and i hope you can share them (if you want). Your new fan - Ann