Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A connected evening

I got in the water yesterday for my first consecutive day to day surf session in some time. I hesitated a bit due to the limited light (day light savings time) and sketchy wind report but I finally mustered up the motivation to make the trip. I got in the water from 4PM til 5:30PM and enjoyed the most intense sunset/moonrise combination i have seen in some time. Total glass-off at dusk, so the ocean took on a transcendent quality of color, energy, stillness. A moment to moment awareness emerged that allowed the distance between the me (the individual) and the environment at large to dissolve and merge. While the waves were a little fat and the swell angle was to east- the experience was still quite fulfilling and a deep sense of relaxation ensued.

On another note- i stumbled upon two brief on-line write-ups on my photographs that i thought I'd pass on:

It is nice to read that my photographs are being seen and understood. thanks drift and the adventure life!!

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