Friday, October 16, 2009

The Irony of it all: "Do Not Feed the Wildlife"

I snapped the first photo after a session some weeks ago. I love the irony of the sign next two the bike in an abandon lot in the middle of the small "city" of Long Beach NY. The only "wildlife" I have seen in Long Beach is in the water at Laurelton and at the Bars on the West End.

Hoping for a nice turn out tomorrow at MYOPIC BOOKS IN Wakefield RI. Daniel and his wife have been so gracious leading up to the show. I'll be showing approximately twenty pieces. Photograph sizes range from 24"x24" to 7"x7" If ya get a chance stop by and check the prints out up close and personal. hopefully some surf too!!
Tomorrow is world Toy Camera Day- i'll be loading up all my crappy snappers with a choice selection of tmax 400, expired ektachrome and some color print film- come on nice light!!!

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magicpolaroid said...

wow LC-a lile this camera!!!