Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fooman and the Rad Warrior

Missing the early days of fall, with the crisp morning light, wispy off shores, warm water and a vague sense the summer was still around. Hoping to get my latest aquisition in the water tomorrow for her maiden voyage (mid sixties hansen 50/50). Surfcasts are calling for light offshores with a little knee-thigh high wave. I havent ridden my longboards in quite a while- looking to get re-aquainted.


Rebecca said...
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Rebecca said...

^^because of bad typo!

Nice shot. So you & your new board did you get in? Here in the UK those lovely autumn days are most definitely behind us; winter rubber isn't far away.

PDLibrarian said...

Hi- your photographs are beautiful. I am an elementary school librarian at Peace Dale Elementary School, beginning a project to create a local sort of website for students. "Community" is curriculum for third grade students in South Kingstown. I grew up here. I'm motivated to do a real and comprehensive sort of website about SK for use in the schools. How could we do this without incorporating the very strong and great surfer culture here?! It is important to include. I'm wondering about permission to use your beautiful pics on this website. How do you think/feel about this? Thank you for considering,