Monday, August 3, 2009

San O and Oceanside Pier

I love the timeless look of the San-O shot. The color film and the vintage Diana provide a little view into what the place must have looked like decades ago. The second shot was off the Oceanside Pier as the sun was setting- I am really happy with the color shifts that occur as a result of the camera poorly constructed lens and limited exposure settings. I have been enjoying this little run of summer swell we have been having here in NY. Saturday and this morning provided some fish friendly little waves. totally diggin' on my new Christenson Quad fish and my Josh Hall Long Fish Simmons. Both boards are true pieces of San Diego craftsmanship in the linage of Mr. Skip Frye


Jamie Watson said...

I love these photos, too.

CP said...

great photos as usual. Are they x pro or just processed normally?

db said...

loving the surf shot. the tones are sublime.