Friday, August 21, 2009

Oh no mr. bill !!

Well, we are still waiting for Mr. Bill to fill in. I got my "quiver" all set [vintage diana and snappy clone, diana +, holga, rollieflex tlr 2.8 planar and the canon rebel digital(uck!!) and loaded up with a choice selection of expired ektachrome and tmax 400. If the swell is anything like it is being predicted (triple overhead) to be, I will be on the boardwalk watching and snapping some crappy snaps.

I am really getting quite a laugh about all the hype and false bravado I have been hearing as of late. I only know a handful of guys that would be comfortable in triple OH conditions, but if you listen to people in the water, you would think we live near some big wave spot. The best is the four-five page thread on about what people will be riding for this swell.


EndlessBummerNY said...

That is classic. I am definitely going to be taking my 9'6 triple stringer Billy Hamilton up to Mastic to spell my ten foot Natures Shapes.
Yep, I am prepared for anything.

I'll also be shooting, that reminds me, I gotta go get some film!

knots said...

I'll be with you, standing on terra firma if the triple OH stuff actually shows. Not scared, just not that brave. :) Be safe up there.

Brine Time said...

Brilliant Jack. Can't wait for the next instalment.
We are having avery hot film-unfriendly winter here in eastern Oz. cheers