Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Fat Man Rocked and The Dead Live On!!!

I have been on a DEAD bender lately. I just can't get enough of them. In my opinion no band sans John Coltrane (love supreme era) or Miles Davis (kind of blue years), are able to capture the magic of the moment that the grateful dead were able to. When they were/are on, the interplay that occurs between the band members is transcendent and results in a truly flowful experience. I am seeing the Dead next week for two shows, and can't wait, albeit it's never been the same since the fatman checked out. Nonetheless-Phil will keep the train chuggin and mikey and bill are a pleasure to watch. I have always really appreciated Weir's rhythm guitar work-it is totally underrated in my opinion.
My first show was at the nassau coliseum on May 8, 1981- this led me on a completely obsessive journey with 100 plus shows in the memory banks. While the 80's had there moments for dead mastery- the late 70's are my favorite years. I have been discovering a lot of shows i used to listen to on cassette on the data base. Also this week's NYTimes arts and leisure section had a great article on the dead.
Below are some recent shows i have been listening too, in addition to my dicks picks selections- The first three listed were show that i was at:
1) Nassau Coliseum 5-08-81- first show-killer set list
2) Rochester War Memorial- 11-08-85 Second Set Scarlet tease into Revolution- She Belongs to Me, insane Estimated.Eyes- Satisfaction encore.
3) Giant Stadium 06-17-91 Eyes of the World First Set opener- unreal - Dark Star runs in and out thoughout the entire show
the remaining listed shows are just classics
4)Greek Theatre 6-16-85
5)Rosco Maples Pav- stanford University- insane china>rider
6) Cornell may 8th 1977- regarded as best ever show- i like it a bunch but the best? not sure
7) Buffalo War Memorial May 9th 1977- the coolest bertha going
8)Melk Weg Bar Amsterdam-10/16/1981 weir's birthday in a hash bar- acoustic set- nothing more needs to be said.
Leave a comment if you relate to the post and list your favorite shows- I will definitely check them out

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