Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Current Quiver Shots

Finally took the boards out of the garage to photograph.
1) 10'1 Cooperfish Nosedevil
2) 9'8' Cooperdesign Malibu Foil II
3) 7'6' Fineline Microant II
4) 6'6" Liddle Smoothie M3P
5) 6'6" Rainbow Speeddialer- Pavel
6) 6'2" Swift Movement Twin Keel Fish-Mabile
I recently read the surfermag- three board quiver article and it made sense, but I guess I am not willing to trim the herd down. Each of my boards have rather unique properties that I appreciate. My only wish is that I could surf them all better. My limited ability combined by my schedule and the inconsistent waves around here really compromise my progression.


Esteban Pumpernickel said...

I endorse this quiver!!!

knots said...

Very cool indeed! What fin is that in your 7'6"? Wide base GL?

glider said...

yes its the wide base- the narrow base is in the liddle but i tend to use the wide in the liddle also

paulo jacinto said...

Very, very, very nice quiver !!!

Hilbatron 3000 said...
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Hilbatron 3000 said...

Shame on you! I see the need for a shortish bonzer to pick up where the Pavel leaves off. Otherwise, above and beyond any objective criticism. BJ

Le Vyusher said...

Goes very nice with your shed. Candy candy

Mr. Lentini said...

umm can you move across the street from me