Monday, October 11, 2010

three days of loggin'

I had the pleasure of three straight days of loggin'. While the waves were small, the winds were quite favorable making for a nice opportunity to re-connect with trim. Absolutely loving my 9'9 tyler pintail.

These smaller days can provide such a real state of relaxation and an opportunity to share a killer sunrise while catching up with surf friends. Hard not to find gratitude when surrounded by such serenity and dynamic beauty.

The lack of hype, frantic cell phone calls, aggressive attitudes all contribute to a very satisfying surf session. loggin is the ultimate anti-adreneline!!

This shot was snapped yesterday with my crappy medium format water cam. If you like what you see pass it on (link to your blog) or hit the f button below to share it on your fb page.


colony13stars said...

Well put - and nice photo to capture the feeling of your statements. Keep logging!

Brine Time said...

Oooooh yeaaaaaah - those sort of sessions we call over here "a two marble session" - they add to the mental equilibrium that stops you from losing your marbles