Tuesday, October 5, 2010

evening glass off

Surfing is such a waiting game here on the east coast.. between the inconsistent surf, tide sensitive breaks and insanely fickle winds things can get very frustrating. Casing point, this past Saturday- three trips to the beach with three different experiences 1)dawn patrol - closed out minus tide swell with sideshore conditions, 2)mid afternoon- offshore until I paddled out, wind turned onshore after one wave (not a memorable session), 3) later that evening- dead wind, jello glass waves and me unable to get it due to family commitments. so it goes, its tough being an surf addict..


Billy Miltenberg said...

Well said. I endured the morning funk and got some of the midday offshores, but it was the glass-off with barrels and the sunset that were unbelievable. (sorry)

magicpolaroid said...

amazing colors!
ciao, Luis