Monday, March 15, 2010

winter light

Here is a shot from the beginning of the winter that I initially overlooked. On second inspection, I kind of like the image as it captures the excitement of running down to the water's edge.

I have been busy editing my photographs for inclusion in a book that will be released in June. The book will focus on the lo-fi aesthetic in photography. I hope to have between 5-10 images included with an interview. More information to follow.

Surf was pretty exciting yesterday albeit out of my comfort zone. Hopefully, I snapped a few good ones as I shot four rolls. The light was rather suspect so who knows. Hoping for continued off shore conditions for tomorrow afternoon as I won't be able to get to the beach today.

Lastly, I am still hoping that readers here will support my efforts to raise money for childhood cancer research. Please sponsor me in my head shaving, which will occur tomorrow evening (3/16) as part of "Saint BALDrick's Day".

I am hoping that in addition to monies raised that the shaving will be an opportunity for me to deepen my sense of humility and compassion. Again included is the link - if you can donate anything ($5, $10, $25 etc) it would be appreciated and go a long way to helping the efforts:

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