Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Camera Obscura in motion

A couple of experimental shots using my pinhole camera. Self-portraits on my long skate with exposure times approximately 10 seconds while in motion. Pinhole cameras have no lenses and require long exposure times- infinite depth of field are the result of the extremely small apertures. Gonna revisit this idea with some ilford delta 3200 in order to cut exposure times down to a couple of seconds.

On another note- I will be helping out with the NY Fish Fry(e) blog- here is the link:

My hope is that the blog becomes a celebration of the fish and all the vital people who have been involved with the platforms evolution. I'd love it if readers sent me some fishy photos and I'll post up the ones that seem special. email me your pics/ideas and such to:


Brine Time said...

Jack, the right brain says "Yew!!!". The left brain says "Nice pics. What format is that pinhole? 6x6? 4x5"? " cheers Neil

glider said...

6x6 format pinhole