Friday, July 10, 2009

VW Vanagon, Pavel quad fish, and Stringerless Mandala

Here's a shot of Dubstars VW- the guy is so into his VW's. Inside the bus is an insane long pavel quad fish with skip frye fins, and leaning on the bus is a Mandala Stringerless quad fish (I believe 5'5"). Both boards have such insane outlines.

This morning dawn patrol provided an elegant little log wave with an incredible sunrise and sweet light off shores. The water was crystal clear to top it off. So much fun on my cooperfish mal foil II. I traded up an rode a junod 9'6 log for a while. The board was so different from my coop- tons of belly, real narrow and full to the rail with a big old ballbearing 50/50 rail, significantly lighter than the coop. It was fun for awhile, but i'll stick with my coop-thank ya very much!! Still hoping for some sweet southern cal swell next week!!

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Aramys said...

Hello! Excuse for having put your photo without warning yourself, I am sorry, I like so much that I put it to the instant! I hope that you could stand. Thank you for passing for my blog, you do a few very nice photographies!

We meet, certainly I also take a VW T3 as that of this photography!

Regards from Barcelona Spain! Good waves!