Sunday, July 26, 2009

keel love mandala

Over the next week, I'll be posting up shots from my stay in so cal. First stop is Oceanside, the place where i spent the majority of my time. What a great vibe in this surf town. While a little more gritty (IMHO a GOOD THING) than other stops in the area, the beach breaks are insane. Everyone I surfed with was totally open to having an "intruder" in the line-up and willing to share waves and local knowledge.

I picked up an insane 6'3 chris christenson quad fish at a totally cool shop (THE POD ROOM). The owner, Chip is a way cool guy who seems really dialed in. He continually smiled and shook his head, as I told him I was headed south to cardiff to check the surf (my translation- stay in Oceanside, its better here). I highly recommend checking the pod room ( and a neat little eat stop across the way Hill Street Cafe and Gallery, also the california surf museum is a must stop for the historians

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