Sunday, February 15, 2009

Homegrown Decks by GangplanksNYC

GangplankNYC decks out of Rockaway, NY- seriously homegrown right down to the local sand used for traction!! Killer lam on deck- I'll post pic later- sneakers by VANS
A woeful week of flatness predicted and I am off for vacation. The Noll curse continues!!


Hye Tyde said...

sweet photo! gangplanks NYC? Sounds awesome, do they have a website?


glider said...

hye- i am not sure- its a real homegrown scene- shaped and finished in their bungalo- i'll look into though

C Gary Moyer said...

Now thats sweet! I did something a few years back where I duct taped my digi camera under my skate deck. I definately dig this version.