Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fun Times Last Night at Mollusk NYC

Incredibly fun night at the Mollusk Surf NYC Surfy Foto Exhibit. The gallery was packed out with great vibe in the room. Mollusk and has done so much for the NY surf scene in terms of bringing people together and allowing a community to emerge. The scene last night will be remember for some time to come. How often do you get to have an extended chat with Tony Alva? Unreal!!! Thanks again to Chris, Mike and the Mollusk crew as well as Secret Project Robot Gallery for providing the gallery space. Thanks also to Dubstar and Jah Bless for the righteous tunes!! special thanks to my wife Pjay for her supporting my photography!


C Gary Moyer said...

Tony Alva! One of my skate gods from back in the day, what a cool night, congrats!

rburns78 said...

Hey that's the back of my head talking to Tony Alva! I must of talked to him for like 30-min. The funny thing I jsut bought the movies like two days before. Crazy! The guy is so chill! Thank for the great night!! Thanks Rob Burns

Mick said...

Without doubt the funnest surfshop I've ever been in.