Sunday, May 16, 2010

A couple from the Ny Fish Fry(e)..

and the greenroomGood times on Saturday at the fish fry(e). Very mellow crowd with some beautiful surfboards on display. Unfortunately, Lake Atlantic was doing her thing... Funny the cops showed thinking that there was really gonna be a fish fry (deep fried fish with accompanied kegs). They were stoked to get some free tee's and see that the fry(e) was really just a very small gathering of people talking about surfboards. The cops were actually kinda annoyed to be bothered by such a trivial call- good thing they were not taken away from more pressing matters of crime.
I believe the line-up at the given spot will be safe from a new influx of crowds. Everyone take a deep breathe.

I shot a test roll with my new albeit very old Zeiss Contaflex 35 mm(gotta love German glass). I inadvertently over-exposed a good portion of the roll, due to some glitches with my hand held Gossen light meter. Cross processing the over exposed film- really bumped up the contrast and grain. I'll post up a few over the next couple of days

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