Wednesday, December 22, 2010

simster- post surf session

This is the first photograph I have exposed in well over a month. Lately, I have been feeling a lack of motivation to shoot. Not sure if its because of the weather, lack of waves or some sense that I am becoming redundant in what I am shooting. That said, I am pretty happy with this picture and in some way it has got me a little more motivated to keeping the camera loaded and ready. Subject matter is boring only if we fail to look hard enough at our surroundings.


ogaza said...

Yeah, a good photo. Defo. a good inspiration to keep shooting. I find myself totally captivated by my surroundings of late and the urge to photograph is becoming a real compliment to the urge to ride waves.
Your photo in DESOLATION ROW is great too. Like it a lot.

Hope December is cruising by pleasantly for you, despite memories.

Jeff Johnson said...

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