Monday, July 26, 2010

A New Endeavor, : "Lower than Lo-Fi"

The "Lower than Lo-Fi"series will aim to further break down the photographic surfing image. The above image is a work print that inspired the series. The images will be printed on rough watercolor rag paper, and will be oversized (think 36"x20"). All of the photographs that will be part of the series will be exposed using my extremely leaky medium format plastic lensed camera (the more salt stains the better). All images will be printed in extremely low editions.


Brine Time said...

sounds great
good luck

EndlessBummerNY said...

Yep, sounds pretty good indeed.

jojonas said...

ah, now I see the connection. saw this shot at and thought about this blog but didn't make the connection.
I was visiting this blog of yours late 08 to sometime in 09 when I lost the link in a computercrash.

great stuff, I'm thrilled aswell to see that you're in the toycam book coming out soon :)

be well /jojonas